Pod #43 - Denaye Barahona; Parenting Like a Minimalist

guest podcast Oct 18, 2017

Major Topic: Parenting Like a Minimalist Denaye Barahona has created a community around the idea that parenting doesn’t have to be so complicated. We discuss how doing less can often lead to more when it comes to life with kids.

Try This: Take a step back from your kids, and let them take risks.

Angela SHOUT out to all the parents in the world doin’ the best they can. It really is the most important job in the world.

From the Episode:



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Pod #42 - Tiffany Syfan, Part 2; Conscious & Mindful Eating

guest nutrition podcast Oct 11, 2017

Sucky Moment of the Week (4/5) Tiff had a nail in her tire (again), and learned that sometimes when it rains it pours.

Major Topic: Conscious & Mindful Eating Nutritionist, fitness instructor, and personal trainer Tiffany Syvan walks us through how we can use mindfulness to develop a healthier relationship with food.

Try These: Integrate one of the following into the way you eat daily: Honor Your Food, Use All of Your Senses, Practice Portion Control, Savor Smaller Bites (and actually chew), Eat Slowly, and Don’t Skip Meals

Tiff SHOUT out to a restaurant in Dallas that gives you a healthy portion of healthy yummy food in a comfy setting, Kozy Kitchen.

From the Episode:

  • Follow Tiffany on Instagram @tiffany_ess_
  • Check out the book Tiffany mentioned about mindful eating and read for yourself more about the science behind it Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life
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Pod #41 - Tiffany Syfan; Intuitive Eating

guest podcast Oct 04, 2017

Sucky Moment of the Week (5/5) In a moment of ultimate suck, Tiffany discovered a leak in the roof of her newly remodeled house. Inspired Action Even through the ultimately sucky, be kind to others and grateful for what is good.

Major Topic: Intuitive Eating Nutritionist, fitness instructor, and personal trainer Tiffany Syvan guides us in getting back to our primal instincts, listening to our bodies’ signals, and eating intuitively for our holistic health.

Try This: Identify what type of eater you generally are (Chaotic, External, Mindless, Clean Your Plate), and, in a non-judgmental way, set goals to create a healthier relationship with food. No diets or crazy restrictions allowed!

Tiffany SHOUT out Stocks and Bondy is at the Dallas Farmers Market selling some amazing bone broth Tiffany can’t get enough of.

From the Episode:

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Pod #40 - Kellie Lin Knott; Essential Creativity

guest podcast Sep 27, 2017

Sucky Moment of the Week (3/5) Everything that could happen to keep Kellie Lin from making her flight and traveling safely happened. Inspired Action No matter how prepared you are, you have no control over the circumstances or what may happen unexpectedly. Stay calm, and rationally act instead of reacting.

Major Topic: Creativity It exists in everything we do and can bring new perspective to our lives. Kellie Lin tells us how we can induce creativity, find it in every scenario, and use it to lower stress.

Try This: Choose a (natural, non-toxic) scent you love and use it to reprogram a new way of being or new habit into your system. Use that scent when you want to get into a creative mindset.

Kellie Lin SHOUT out to Susan Werner, a woman who takes on the unknown, immerses herself in new things, and allows creativity to happen.

From the Episode:

  • Curious about essential oils and how you can use them? Visit doTERRA to learn more!
  • How to find...
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Pod #39 - Jeanine Donofrio; Love & Lemons

guest podcast Sep 20, 2017

Sucky Moment of the Week (1/5) Jeanine splashed some spicy sauce right in her eye. Ow. Inspired Action Slow down, and take life one thing at a time.

Major Topic: Love & Lemons Jeanine Denofrio’s stunning food blog started as a relaxing after-work hobby. Now, she has a best-selling cookbook of the same name and great advice for anyone looking to pursue a creative project with more fire.

Try This: You know that project you’ve been wanting to start forever… the one that’s been sitting in the back of your mind but you haven’t quite gotten to? Do it. Just sit down, and start. Anywhere.

Angela SHOUT out Local farmers are the best. Take a look around your neighborhood or city to find the farmers markets and other opportunities to shop local. It’s good for your health and for your community!

From the Episode:

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Pod #38 - Sarah Saves $

guest podcast Sep 13, 2017

Sucky Moment of the Week (3/5) This week’s sucky moment could be the plot of a new Judd Apatow movie called “40th Birthday Party”: Scarves burn. Blowout appointments are canceled. It’s frustrating and hilarious. Inspired Action Enjoy the moment! Look around and see what you have to be grateful for, cause we bet it’s a lot.

Major Topic: Spending Fast In an effort to save money for her planned thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018, Sarah is taking on an extreme money-saving method called the Spending Fast.

Try This: Create your “Needs and Wants” list, a list of all the things you could and do spend money on, categorized into “Needs” and “Wants”. Be honest with yourself (a glass of wine at the airport is not a need 😉). Keep a copy of the list with you everywhere you go, and stick to needs-ONLY spending for one week.

Sarah and Cam taking a siesta to hide out from the rain.

Sarah SHOUT out Cameron was the most fun, practical,...

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Pod #37 - Megan Lyons; Nutrition Made Easiest

guest nutrition podcast Sep 06, 2017

Sucky Moment of the Week (1/5) Megan wasn’t a fan on the traffic on her way from Dallas to Austin. Inspired Action Don’t sweat the things you can’t control. It could always be worse.

Major Topic: Nutrition Megan Lyons, health coach and best-selling author, inspires her clients to feel their healthiest and happiness with her simple approach to wellness. This week, she’ll share some of her best tips for healthy eating made easiest.

Try This: Either 1) Eat a veggie pack as your snack, 2) Calculate your water intake and drink that amount for the week, or 3) think about your macronutrient balance and see if you can mix up your usual meals with some fat, protein, and carbohydrate variety. Or be a rock star and do all 3 💪🏼

Megan SHOUT out 100 times over to her clients for staying focused and motivated throughout the summer, when many people tend to lose track of their health.

 From the Episode:

  • On the...
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Pod #36 - Stacks on Stacks

declutter podcast Aug 30, 2017

Sucky Moment of the Week (3/5) Poor preggo Nicole locked herself of car and home. Inspired Action Don’t panic.

Ask Coach AWags + Major Topic: Paper A listener wants to know how to cut back on how much paper she keeps around the house. But how do you know which papers are important to keep and which are cool to toss? Angela and Nicole talk about how to cut back on paper as well as fun ways to reuse it.

Try This: Go through your file cabinet or wherever you keep your papers “organized” and get rid of everything you can. It’s liberating, trust us.

Angela SHOUT out to the guy helping Angela fix her jaw issues, Dr. Riggs!

From the Episode:

  • Marie Kondo has an extreme take on removing paper from your life, which you can read in her first and second books about decluttering
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Pod #35 - The Four Agreements (Part 2 of 2)

podcast Aug 23, 2017

Sucky Moment of the Week (3/5) An entire bottle of rum shattered on the floor during what was supposed to be a relaxing cocktail hour. Inspired Action Don’t cry over spilled booze.

Major Topic: The Four Agreements (Third and Fourth) The next two agreements in don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements are “Don’t Make Assumptions” and “Always Do Your Best.” Angela and Nicole discuss how putting these ideas into practice can change your life for the better.

 From the Episode:  The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz


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Pod #34: The Vagina Whisperer

guest podcast Aug 16, 2017

Sucky Moment of the Week (3/5) Sara and her husband woke up to find that their efforts to help their toddler sleep through the night backfired in a majorly crappy way. Inspired Action Even if something seems really bad, try to find the humor in the situation vs getting mad or letting it ruin your day.

Major Topic: Women’s Pelvic Health Sara Reardon is a Pelvic Floor PT and specializes in prenatal and postpartum care for women. Sara debunks some common myths, gives us tips and tricks on how to take care down there, and answers Nicole’s burning questions about what happens when baby E decides to bust out.

Try This (Ladies!): Look at your vagina in the mirror. Ever checked out what’s goin’ on down there? Now you’ll know!

Sara SHOUT out  Sara is able to do all the things she does thanks to her husband’s hard work and help. Keep up the awesome, Neil!

From the Episode:

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