Pod #45 - Melissa Garner; Meditation & Mindfulness

guest podcast Nov 01, 2017

Sucky Moment of the Week (4/5) Melissa pulled her neck while brushing her hair, and had to go to some extreme measures to address the pain. Inspired Action Be grateful for what your body can do, and don’t take the small things for granted.

Major Topic: Mindfulness Melissa Garner is an expert in mindfulness and meditation and tells us how a mindfulness practice can help us to reach our goals, train our brains, decrease stress and get an overall boost in wellness that can last a lifetime.

Try This: Let the absolute last thing you consciously think about before bed be a thought of a pleasant, happy, or relaxing place, and of you reaching your goals. A mental vacation and inspiring notion before bed can promote better sleep.

From the Episode:

  • Read this mind-boggling article on how meditation can change your brain
  • Ariana Huffington wrote a revolutionary book about sleep, The Sleep Revolution
  • The beautiful work by a Holocaust survivor points to how our mental response can help us endure the most horrific of circumstances, Man’s Search for Meaning
  • The app Moment will track your cell phone usage… Download at your own risk 😉



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