Pod #41 - Tiffany Syfan; Intuitive Eating

guest podcast Oct 04, 2017

Sucky Moment of the Week (5/5) In a moment of ultimate suck, Tiffany discovered a leak in the roof of her newly remodeled house. Inspired Action Even through the ultimately sucky, be kind to others and grateful for what is good.

Major Topic: Intuitive Eating Nutritionist, fitness instructor, and personal trainer Tiffany Syvan guides us in getting back to our primal instincts, listening to our bodies’ signals, and eating intuitively for our holistic health.

Try This: Identify what type of eater you generally are (Chaotic, External, Mindless, Clean Your Plate), and, in a non-judgmental way, set goals to create a healthier relationship with food. No diets or crazy restrictions allowed!

Tiffany SHOUT out Stocks and Bondy is at the Dallas Farmers Market selling some amazing bone broth Tiffany can’t get enough of.

From the Episode:



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