It's Not Goodbye Forever

online yoga yoga yogasport May 04, 2020

To my beloved YS Community, I am writing to let you know that YogaSport Dallas is closing our physical studio doors. I have been grappling with this decision for some time now and the COVID-19 crisis has left me with no other option. 

As my husband and I began to undo the physical space that is YogaSport, memories upon memories came flooding through my mind. Every picture, every nail, every item in that studio has people and a story and a memory behind it. While I could only keep a few of the physical items from the space, the community and the heart that filled it will stay with me forever. 

I have stayed up endless nights trying to write this letter and it just never seemed quite right. I would never leave a party, certainly not my own, without saying a proper goodbye to everyone there. So I have created a very personal podcast for you. Nicole Esquino, who many of you know as the former manager and teacher at YS, and I have a regular podcast together. We...

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Pod #73 - YogaSport: Raw & Uncut

podcast yoga May 04, 2020

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It's the end of an era. YogaSport, my Power Yoga studio, is closing its physical doors on her 16th birthday, May 15th. Nicole and I sit down the night before I announce the news to my community. She interviews me and we discuss everything from opening the doors in 2004 to biggest challenges, proudest moments, and what is next. This  podcast was a way for me to process the change and share with my community, since the COVID-19 crisis didn't allow us to do it in person. 


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Pod #67 - A Yoga Flow For You

podcast yoga Dec 04, 2019

 Angela & Nicole are taking the week off to enjoy Thanksgiving with their families.  We wanted to show you our thanks with a special gift episode. Angela has included a full hour Power Flow Yoga class so that you can take some time out this week to de-stress and empower yourself.

 From the Episode:

  • Thanksgiving – a holiday synonymous with a slight bit of excess. We know you’ll be eating big meals and perhaps even enjoying a few adult beverages this week.
  • Angela is providing a perfect holiday flow that will help you de-stress and also rinse out some of those toxins from that big meal on Thursday.
  • Listen in for a discount on her online teacher training. Save $400 if you sign up now. Visit and click on yoga.

AWC Goodies: 

  • Check out Angela’s Guide –  5 Simple Ways to Lower Your Stress Today on her website at It will give you 5, simple, easy, and...
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Pod #18 - Yoga, Support, and Empowerment

podcast yoga Apr 19, 2017

Sucky Moment of the Week (4/5) Angela had to miss a weekend of her Teacher Training program after completely losing her voice, and she asked Monika to help in her absence. Inspired Action People want to help, and often, giving them the chance to step up to the plate in a time of need can empower them to grow and take the next step for themselves.

Major Topic: Yoga Angela and Nicole talk all about yoga, and why it’s the bee’s knees.

Try This: Make fruit snacking your new healthy and satisfying habit. Set a mid-morning and mid-afternoon alert on your phone reminding you to snack on a banana, apple, kiwi – any fruit.

Nicole SHOUT out Nicole came home from a long day at work to find that Vic had prepared their entire Blue Apron meal. Thoughtful spouse alert

 From the Episode:

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