It's Not Goodbye Forever

online yoga yoga yogasport May 04, 2020

To my beloved YS Community, I am writing to let you know that YogaSport Dallas is closing our physical studio doors. I have been grappling with this decision for some time now and the COVID-19 crisis has left me with no other option. 

As my husband and I began to undo the physical space that is YogaSport, memories upon memories came flooding through my mind. Every picture, every nail, every item in that studio has people and a story and a memory behind it. While I could only keep a few of the physical items from the space, the community and the heart that filled it will stay with me forever. 

I have stayed up endless nights trying to write this letter and it just never seemed quite right. I would never leave a party, certainly not my own, without saying a proper goodbye to everyone there. So I have created a very personal podcast for you. Nicole Esquino, who many of you know as the former manager and teacher at YS, and I have a regular podcast together. We...

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