Pod #18 - Yoga, Support, and Empowerment

podcast yoga Apr 19, 2017

Sucky Moment of the Week (4/5) Angela had to miss a weekend of her Teacher Training program after completely losing her voice, and she asked Monika to help in her absence. Inspired Action People want to help, and often, giving them the chance to step up to the plate in a time of need can empower them to grow and take the next step for themselves.

Major Topic: Yoga Angela and Nicole talk all about yoga, and why it’s the bee’s knees.

Try This: Make fruit snacking your new healthy and satisfying habit. Set a mid-morning and mid-afternoon alert on your phone reminding you to snack on a banana, apple, kiwi – any fruit.

Nicole SHOUT out Nicole came home from a long day at work to find that Vic had prepared their entire Blue Apron meal. Thoughtful spouse alert

 From the Episode:


Take these 5 simple steps and immediately feel more productive and less stressed. And yes, you really can do them all today!