Uncover your joy, develop your inner confidence, and increase your mental and physical strength, so that you can live a complete and fulfilling life.


Do you feel like you are just going through the motions of life and want something more?

Have you always thought about taking a yoga teacher training but it just never feels like the right  time?


I know it’s been a ridiculously challenging year, maybe you are…

✓ living in survival mode - just trying to manage the basics and get through the day.

✓ working from home while juggling the kids and their virtual school.

✓ tired of your needs not being met and you not being able to do the things you love.

✓ looking for another stream of income that is work you enjoy and makes an impact.

You have just been trying to keep it together.

And now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, you are thinking…


From what I have seen and heard from my yoga students and clients, a few things could be happening right now.


➨ are ready to take your health and wellness back but don’t even know where to start.

➨ want to dive back into your yoga practice and connect with a yoga community but you don’t know how to do it online.

have been interested in taking yoga teacher training but scared that you aren’t ready or need more (fill in the blank) before you are ready.

➨ have researched programs but aren’t sure which one is right for you.


I bet you have been trying to regain your confidence, get your joy back, and focus on something positive. 

And maybe it looked something like this...

👉🏼 You scheduled (and canceled) many yoga practices and workouts.

👉🏼 You attempted to go back to your better habits like eating healthier, going to bed earlier, and drinking more water - but you gave up soon after you started because you felt frustrated and alone in the process.
👉🏼 You thought about doing a yoga teacher training but stopped yourself because life is just too chaotic right now and you feel like you need to get it together before you do something like a training.



It all felt so generic and uninspiring. 

You want a program that will help you get a stronger body and a more relaxed mind. You want a program that will teach you not only postures but how to deliver clear cues, how to increase your confidence so that it feels empowering to get in front of people and lead, and how to help others up-level their practices and their lives. You also want to be connected in a live setting to humans who are going through it with you - the good, bad, and ugly.

You want a program and group of people who will guide and inspire you to get back to your healthy habits, gain new confidence, find joy in the everyday, and make an impact along the way. 


 I have researched (and paid for) many uninspiring yoga, coaching, and business programs and trainings. I have spent thousands of dollars on mentors and programs that were not a fit and did not help me move forward. 


But, when I did find the right mentors and programs that helped me regain my confidence as a leader, mom, and wife… when I found the right people to support my goals, I felt renewed, supported, and unstoppable. And I was able to make a decent living doing what I love.


What I have learned is that in order to be successful, you need...

a structured, efficient, and effective yoga and mindfulness program that guides you to feel the best in your body and teaches you how to safely guide others in their practice.

✔️ instructors and coaches who care about you as a human, an individual, and are committed to your success.

✔️ an active community of people going through this process with you, holding your hand, lifting you up, and providing a safe and warm place to explore your growth.


I'm the creator of Unstoppable 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training (OYTT).

I am a yoga teacher, trainer, a former yoga studio owner of 16 years, life and wellness coach, wife, and momma of two littles. I have been working in the health and wellness space for over 20 years.

After being laid off from my advertising and marketing job just two years out of college, I decided that the Universe kicked me out of the corporate world for a reason - to empower others to feel better in their bodies and minds. 



...I knew that many people needed a more accessible way to take a quality yoga teacher training. I myself could no longer spend 20-hours a weekend in the studio because my daughter, Zoe, was literally running to my car (naked mind you) screaming,

“Mommy, don’t go to yoga again.”

I'll never forget that awful feeling and that day I vowed to make a change in my life to be able to do the work I love and take care of my family. 

So, I took my 15 year in-studio training and created an online format. A format where all of the content is accessible 24/7 and from anywhere in the world. Let’s face it, it’s not often that you can dedicate 7-12 full weekends to a training. And life is too precious to miss out on weddings, baseball games, and neighborhood block parties (I cannot tell you how many of these events my former students and I have missed because of teacher trainings). 😢

But… I knew that I had to recreate the magic of my trainings - the in-person coaching, teaching, and sharing.

And I figured it out. Three years later, so many students from all over the country have graduated from my online program with life-changing results. 



you’ll feel a positive impact in your life almost immediately. And you will be kicking yourself for spending even a second doubting your decision. 




which will make you feel more joy and confidence. You will dive deep into your  personal practice and help your fellow trainees do the same. In doing this physical work, you will regain your strength, flexibility, and energy.  There is simple nothing better than feeling fantastic in the skin you are in!



to an incredible community of humans working to better themselves. 2-3 sessions/week, we meet on Zoom to practice teach, workshop postures, share, and meditate, so that you can fully understand the material and how to apply it to your life and the lives of your students.



of teaching yoga! Once you graduate from Unstoppable 200-Hr Online Yoga Teacher Training, you will have the skills and tools to deliver a powerful yoga practice. In addition, you will know how to get a job teaching in a gym or studio, or start your own yoga side hustle - online or in person.


Unstoppable 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is specifically designed to help you uncover your joy, develop inner confidence, and increase your mental and physical strength so that you can live a complete and fulfilling life. 

You will learn how to be centered, focused, and intentional. You will learn ways to decrease your reactions, anger, anxiety and fear so that you can feel calm and free again. 

And, you will learn how to teach all of these things to your students.



What life will be like when you are feeling great in your own body, less stressed in your mind, and more happy in your soul….

🧘🏽‍♀️ Having a committed yoga and mindfulness practice to help you stay healthy, focused, and energized - even when life throws you curveballs. 

🥳 Teaching yoga and seeing a student's face light up when they land their first Crow Pose or complete their first 60-minute practice. 

💃🏽 Knowing that you are living your best life, creating positive change in the world, and positively impacting your students, your family, and your friends with your new-found infectious energy. 

🤗 Being connected to a group of Unstoppable yogis who will be there to support you in your life (way beyond the 3-months of live training).

All of ☝🏼is what my teacher training alumni have experienced (and continue to experience) and this is what I want for you!

Hear from our former students...



...that in order to take a yoga teacher training you have to...


your entire life during the program and spend hours upon hours in a sweaty studio or gym. 


of hours of boring videos and figure out the teaching part all on your own.


practitioner who can do all the fancy poses and have been practicing for many years. 




All you need is a professional, effective, and inspiring online program that will teach you what you need to know (and nothing that you don’t) while preserving your life, your time, and your energy.

See what our alumni are saying...


Mesquite, TX

"Before I started my teacher training journey, I honestly didn't think that I could teach or that anyone would want to take a class from a plus-sized, Black woman. I never imagined that almost 2 years later I would still be teaching yoga and people would still be taking my classes. Now I don't doubt my gifts and am grateful to Angela and her program for bringing them out of me."


Issaquah, WA

"I started the program because I was simply looking to deepen my understanding of yoga. But I walked away with so much personal growth and a new set of healthy habits. This was the best investment. I was focused on something I love, my practice helped me manage my stress and stay in shape, and I met wonderful people along the journey."


DESIGN, TEACH & DELIVER an effective Power Flow class  and make a positive impact on your students lives, both on and off the mat.

 CREATE a fun side hustle so that you can earn extra money, get free studio/gym memberships, and work with amazing people.

IMPROVE your communication skills, confidence, and connection to others so that you can teach, speak, and lead  better in all aspects of your life.

UNDERSTAND & TEACH alignment and anatomy with precision which will help you deepen your own practice and deliver a safe class to others.

MEDITATE, CONCENTRATE & VISUALIZE to be more focused and less stressed. Don't worry if you are new to mindfulness, we start simple.

LOVE all of yourself - your body, mind, and soul. The life work will help you feel more gratitude and positivity in everyday moments.


  • WEEKLY SELF-LED MODULES that will teach you what you need to know (and give you the confidence) to improve your practice and teach it to others. All of the asana videos are organized separately by anatomy, alignment/cues, and assisting of each pose so that you can easily find exactly what you need and you don't have to scroll through hours of videos to find it.
  • WEEKLY LIVE CALLS with Angela and her team. In these calls you will gain a deeper understanding of the material, practice teach, get helpful feedback, workshop postures, and get your questions answered - all so that you walk away a powerful, effective, and inspiring teacher.  These calls are the most valuable part of the program. They will ensure your success so that you aren't left wondering if you truly understand or know how to deliver the practice (see below for the live call details). 
  • WEEKLY LIVE SMALL GROUP PRACTICE SESSIONS that will help you explore the teaching techniques and get personal feedback to help you improve quickly. The small group practice sessions give you the confidence to be bold and try on new things, without the embarrassment of waiting until the end of the program to get up in front of a group and teach. 
  • A COMPREHENSIVE DOWNLOADABLE MANUAL organized by module and easily printed at home or at your local copy shop. The PDFs include Sanskrit translations, pronunciations, alignment, and cueing of postures so that you can effectively teach them to your students. The manual covers all sections of the program including Asana, Teaching, Assisting, and  Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics (PLE). 
  • 6 EXCLUSIVE BONUSES, including a private Facebook group, 20-hour hands-on assisting training, and more (see below for full details).  


Our LIVE calls are the best part of this training. Not only will you be able to get all of your questions answered, but we will also deepen the conversation and content as a community. See below for a more in-depth look at what we will cover in our live sessions. 


During Asana Labs, we will be reviewing the alignment and anatomy of postures. We will work together to access alignment and learn how to break down and teach the postures to each individual. We will also workshop poses in real time.

Why? While the videos, downloads, and anatomy books provide the details you need to understand the postures, it’s imperative that you can identify misalignments and teach to individual bodies. In the calls, we take the learning out of theory and into real world practice.  


During the Mind Lab, we will dive deep into mindfulness practices including meditation, concentration, and visualization.  Don't worry if you are new to mindfulness practice, we start simple. We will often do a mindfulness exercise together during our calls. 

Why? It’s important for a yoga teacher to have a daily meditation practice in order to be centered, focused, and intentional. You will learn ways to decrease your reactions, anger, anxiety and more. You will also learn how to teach these mindful practices to your students.


The Teaching Lab calls will help you hone your skills of teaching to real people, not the people in your head.  We will review and practice my eight teaching techniques, learn how to facilitate energetics in a class, and other essential teaching elements such as timing, pacing, and tempo.

Why? In order to be a great teacher, you must put your teaching into action. Many trainings (online and in person) spend the majority of the time talking about teaching instead of having the trainees practice teach. The only way to get better is to practice, practice, practice. On these calls, we will be in a virtual yoga class together and you will teach to your fellow yoga students all over the world.


Our Life Work calls will be the personal development and transformation portion of the training. This is my speciality. I have been a life coach since 2010 and love helping people improve and feel more empowered in their lives. I can’t wait to help you uncover the blocks that are stopping you from living your best life!

Do you want to change careers? Need a kickstart to change your diet? Want to own your own business? Ready to change a relationship? Need a catalyst to make a change? These are just a few examples of major life changes that people have gone through during and after my trainings.

Why? This work is essential if you want to be a great yoga teacher who can make a difference in people’s lives.  You know those teachers who inspire you to live a better life? I can almost guarantee that their personal development work is the reason that they are able to guide and support you in such a profound way.

See what our alumni are saying...


Dallas, TX

"Angela creates a learning environment that is rich and diverse not only in materials, but in trust and honesty. I often thank myself for having made this investment in me! I thought that I knew myself before, but after this training, I really know myself 💯++++."


Plano, TX

"I have never met an individual who cares and teaches others with such good intention. Angela is amazing! I have nothing but good words and an insane amount of respect for her. I am so happy I didn't train with anyone else!"

When you join right now, you will save $800 off tuition



This 20-hour training is an incredible addition to the work you will do in training. You will learn how to safely and effective assist postures. Even if you don't plan on doing hand-on assists, you will up-level your understanding of the postures so that you can deliver even more powerful classes and private lessons. 

Valued at $499


We will answer all of your questions about what happens after you graduate. Topics include Yoga Alliance, insurance, and  employee vs contract labor - and we help you navigate the differences between teaching online, in a gym, and a yoga studio. We give you all of the gritty details (that other trainings don't) on how to really land a job or create a side hustle in this industry. 

Valued at $199


You’ll have access to our private group where you can ask questions and get answers 24/7. Angela and her team regularly hop in to connect by answering questions and going live with videos and additional guidance so that you never feel lost in the middle of a module or session. 

Valued at $199


Enjoy a 3-month membership to our on demand classes which includes 200 classes ranging from 10-75 minutes. You can also access 8-12 live Zoom 60 minute Power Flow classes per month so that you can practice live with our experienced teachers and gain a deeper understanding of your personal practice. 

Valued at $147


Learn how to help your students continue their Power Flow practice when they are pregnant. This bonus will empower you to provide a safe practice to your pregnant students and ease their mind because you will know the answers  to many of their concerns and questions. 

Valued at $99


It’s no secret that I am in love with the Power Flow practice and I stand behind the content in this program 100%. After all, the content in this course is a culmination of 20-years of experience and has helped thousands of students. That said, I have a take-action guarantee. If you try out Unstoppable 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training, watch and complete the first two modules and hand in the homework and don’t feel you get value from the lessons, simply email us within 14 days of your original purchase to request a refund.



Regain your confidence, uncover your joy, feel great in your body and share this incredible practice with others!

You have two choices. 


You can join this powerful program and start making positive changes to your life TODAY…


you can stay where you are and wonder - what if?

See what our alumni are saying...


Atlanta, GA

"This experience has been far more powerful and personal than I could have ever imagined. Angela has a gift for seeing, supporting, and guiding you where you want to go. It's not always easy but it's always amazing."


Las Vegas, NV

"Angela's online yoga teacher training was everything I didn't know I needed! The growth and shedding that came was life changing. Thank you for the profound opportunity to grow into the me I want to be."



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