It's Not Goodbye Forever

online yoga yoga yogasport May 04, 2020

To my beloved YS Community, I am writing to let you know that YogaSport Dallas is closing our physical studio doors. I have been grappling with this decision for some time now and the COVID-19 crisis has left me with no other option. 

As my husband and I began to undo the physical space that is YogaSport, memories upon memories came flooding through my mind. Every picture, every nail, every item in that studio has people and a story and a memory behind it. While I could only keep a few of the physical items from the space, the community and the heart that filled it will stay with me forever. 

I have stayed up endless nights trying to write this letter and it just never seemed quite right. I would never leave a party, certainly not my own, without saying a proper goodbye to everyone there. So I have created a very personal podcast for you. Nicole Esquino, who many of you know as the former manager and teacher at YS, and I have a regular podcast together. We are on a hiatus but we came back for this very special episode: YogaSport - Raw & Uncut. Nicole asks me all of the questions about how we started, what it was like to run a business, what I learned, funniest moments, what I would do differently, and what is next. This is a very real and raw look behind the curtain of owning my yoga studio, and I hope you enjoy it.

=====>>Listen to the Podcast - YogaSport: Raw & Uncut Here<<==== 

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Our last day of live stream classes will be Friday, May 15th at noon (taught by me). Poetically, it’s the studio’s 16th birthday, so I thought it was the perfect last day. I hope you will join me in what is promised to be a very special flow at noon. Tell your boss you must have a yoga lunch with your people!

In addition to the podcast content, here are a few key pieces of info that will help you navigate this change.

Monthly Members: Thank you so much for all of your support. It kept me going through this tough time and you have literally been the backbone of this community. In order to transition more smoothly, charges were prorated late last month to align with the May 15th closure date and all autopays scheduled to run May 1st or later have been canceled.  Also, I am offering 30% off the annual On Demand membership to current YS monthly members until May 15th. Email [email protected] to get your super special secret link!

10 Class Passers: For those of you who have remaining classes on your 10 pack, you are free to join us for live stream classes through May 15th. I cannot issue refunds for any classes not used before the closure date but can offer you access to YS On Demand (see below).  Please contact Sarah at [email protected] by May 30th to get that setup.

What’s Next?

1. Live Stream Schedule - We will continue our live stream schedule until May 15th at noon. If you are a member and your membership cycle has days remaining or if you have classes left on your class pack, you can sign up as normal. If you don't have a membership or your autopay cycle from April is complete, you can either pay a $12 drop in fee per class or purchase a 7 day pass for $25. Simply sign up for class in Wellness Living and purchase your pass there. 

2. YS On Demand - As soon as the COVID-19 crisis hit, the team and I began creating an online on demand platform. In addition to the on demand content, I will be doing some bonus live stream POP-UPS that will be free to all YS On Demand members. We’ve already begun our transformation to provide our students here in Dallas and all over the US with access to top notch yoga, fitness and wellness classes online. See below for details and a special deal where you can lock in a cheaper rate, for life. 

Teaching has given me life over the past 20 years. I promise that I will not stop now. With our ever-changing world, I am not sure what the future will look like but I do know that connecting with you all will be a part of it. 

I hope you will join the online community and stay connected. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for an incredible sixteen years at 4140 Lemmon Ave. 



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