The Netflix™ of Power Flow Yoga



My name is Angela Wagner and I want to personally welcome you to YogaSport On Demand. I founded YogaSport, a Power Flow Yoga studio, in Dallas, TX in 2004. When the COVID-19 virus hit, the YS team was called to continue our mission - to provide a connective community that supports the health and personal growth of students through a welcoming environment, quality personalized instruction, and an empowering physical practice.

This membership site is a compilation of yoga classes (both video and audio), podcasts, meditations, and health and wellness education. It is brought to you by an incredibly talented group of YS instructors, both past and present. The amount of love poured into this project and content is immense.

Why YS On Demand?

  • Convenience -  Classes accessible anytime from anywhere

  • Challenging Workouts - Full Length Power Flow Classes

  • Speciality Mini-Classes - 10 to 30 minute classes with a specific focus

  • Expanded Accessibility - Access classes from your phone, tablet, or computer with the Kajabi app

  • Posture Lab - Learn alignment and basics of a pose to build confidence and safety when practicing

  • Lifestyle and Wellness Videos including Mindfulness, Meditation, Visualization, Meal Prepping & more

  • New Content added monthly

  • Stay connected via Facebook Group

  • NEW!! BONUS Live stream pop-up classes through Zoom


Power Flow Yoga

This is our jam. Enjoy loads of full-length audio and video Power Flow Yoga classes. 

Posture Labs

Learn the proper alignment of postures in these step-by-step videos. 

Mindfulness Training

Learn how to stress-less with meditation, concentration, and visualization practices.

Brittany Reinhart

"I am so happy to have access to YogaSport flows online. It’s perfect for those days when I can’t make it to the studio but still still want to practice with my favorite yogis. I am especially excited to use the mini classes when I am short on time (and energy) in the early months of being a new mom!”



  • We are committed to providing a consistent, strong physical practice and inspiring students with tools for life.
  • We are normal people – all ages, all fitness levels, all with different reasons for taking that first step on the mat – who thrive in a community of inspirational people and unconditional support.
  • We make it fun to sweat, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. You won’t find any yoga snobs here. Our community is fun, diverse, vibrant, silly and strong. We share struggles, sweat and laughter.
  • People come here for their health and wholeness, and to get big inspiration for big goals.
  • Our classes are challenging but accessible for students of all fitness/yogi levels. Even if you are brand spankin’ new to yoga, you can come to YS and learn the basics of the practice in any of our all levels classes.
  • We will ignite your body and energize you through a challenging workout. When you walk out of YS, you will feel better than when you came in.


Life is short. Put your health and sanity on the top of the to-do list. 



  • Our practice is based in the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga – a type of flow that is energetic, athletic and empowering. We love it because each class challenges us physically and mentally in a different and unique way. 
  • We recommend practicing in a warm room or outside. The heat helps to get your blood bumping, your muscles loose and your body flowing. You will sweat.
  • We don’t use music during our classes. Although we do love music, we have found that it can be a distraction from what is truly happening inside your body and mind. Because we live in an over-stimulated society, this may be the only time of day you are able to be truly present with your body, emotions, actions and intentions. 
  • Each of our Power Flow Yoga instructors has been trained personally by the YogaSport Owner, Angela Wagner. Each brings a unique story, gift, and way of being to the YS community. Our instructors verbally lead students through practice and give clarifying spoken cues along the way.
  • Although our specialty is Power Flow, we have additional formats and styles of yoga such as Yogi Cross Train, Yin Yoga, and more.




Normally $490/year


  • BONUS: Livestream Pop-up Classes on Zoom

  • New content every month

  • Full-length classes

  • Mini specialty classes

  • Mindfulness Training

  • Lifestyle Videos

  • Private Facebook Community




Normally $49/month

  • BONUS: Livestream Pop-up Classes on Zoom

  • New content every month

  • Full-length classes

  • Mini specialty classes

  • Mindfulness Training

  • Lifestyle Videos

  • Private Facebook Community