All YSOD live Zoom classes are included in the YSOD Membership. To drop-in, Venmo $12 to the teacher and she/he will send you the class registration link. Scroll down for a list of teacher Venmos.
  • All classes are All-levels Power Flow unless otherwise noted.
  • Scroll down for class descriptions.


  • Saturday 7/31 @ 10am with Monika

August 2021

*All classes are CDT.

  • Tuesday 8/3 @ 6pm with Renee

  • Tuesday 8/10 @ 6pm with Kelly
  • Saturday 8/14 @ 10am with Monika

  • Monday 8/16 @ 8pm with Joleen
  • Tuesday 8/17 @ 6pm with Angela
  • Friday 8/20 @ 12pm with Christopher ***Deep Stretch***

  • Tuesday 8/24 @ 6pm with Angela
  • Friday 8/27 @ 12pm with Christopher ***PhysioFlow***
  • Saturday 8/28 @ 10am with Angela

  • Monday 8/30 @ 8pm with Monika
  • Tuesday 8/31 @ 6pm with Joleen

Teacher Venmos

Class Descriptions

  • Power Flow - our signature practice. All-levels. It's the perfect combination of strength and flexibility. Using powerful breath to guide you, you will move through a flowing sequence of postures to challenge your body, mind, and soul. 
  • Deep Stretch - In this class your muscles, fascia and brain will learn to relax and release. Learn how to release areas of your body that hold chronic tension and allow your body to let go of physical and mental stress. Bring blocks, a yoga strap, and pillow or couch cushion.
  • PhysioFlow - an insightful, theme-oriented Power Flow that targets functional movement and deepens your understanding of your own body