Yoga For Golfers

with Angela and John Wagner

  • Increase your flexibility and range of motion
  • Decrease pain, stiffness, and frustration
  • Improve your golf swing
  • Increase your confidence on the course

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Benefits of Yoga For Golfers

Increase Your Flexibility

Understand how to increase your range of motion and which yoga poses are the best for golfers of all levels.

Improve Your Swing

Learn the proper body mechanics of a golf swing and the best yoga poses for golfers to improve your golf swing. 

Transform Your Game

Combine your breath, focus, and body positioning so that you can improve your confidence and your final score.

Elevate Your Golf Game


‚õ≥ Calling all golf enthusiasts! Ready to up your game and make every swing count? Dive into the world of Yoga for Golfers ‚Äď an online course that will help you increase your range of motion, decrease pain, and boost your performance on the course. Yoga for Golfers is taught by Angela and John Wagner, a dynamic duo with a combined experience of over 40 years. They have not only honed their industry skills but have also spent over 15 years learning from each other's professions, forging a powerful partnership. This course is designed to help all golfers, from junior to senior golfers, improve¬†your flexibility so¬†you can make¬†your best swing.¬†

Angela will teach you the benefits of yoga for golfers, the best yoga poses for golfers, and the best yoga stretches for golfers. John will teach you the mechanics of your golf swing, help you understand how your golf swing is limited by your mobility, and which stretches are best for you to improve your swing.

Your Yoga For Golfers Course Includes:

✅  Short instructional golf videos breaking down the mechanics of the swing including back swing, hip rotation, shoulder turn, follow through, etc.

✅  Companion yoga videos that teach you the best yoga poses to improve each part of your golf swing.

✅  A lesson on how to increase your flexibility and how to use your breath properly to help increase your range of motion.

✅  40 Minute "The Ultimate Yoga For Golfers" stretch class designed specifically to help you improve your golf swing.

✅  4 bonus mini yoga classes (10-20 min)

✅  One year access to the course and bonuses

✅  LIMITED TIME BONUS: One free month of Angela's online yoga membership - YogaSport On Demand.

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Start Your Golf Transformation Today

Are you tired of feeling like you can't make a proper swing because you lack flexibility and proper understanding of golf body mechanics? 
Get ready to make every swing smoother and more powerful by learning the best yoga poses for golfers and the best stretches for golfers. Enroll in our Yoga for Golfers course and watch your game reach new heights.

Revitalize Your Game

Say goodbye to pain and limitations and welcome a healthier, smoother swing. Enjoy your time on the course more with Yoga for Golfers. Enroll now and feel better in your body, your mind, and your game.

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"Now that I am approaching 50, maintaining good range of motion and core strength are important to avoid injury and maintain a high level of performance.  Angela and John’s program has helped me improve my performance on the golf course." - Brandon Q.

About Angela and John Wagner

John's passion for golf started at the young age of 8, propelling him to earn a golf scholarship at SMU and subsequently to a dedicated career as a professional golfer and instructor. A well-rounded expert, John's insights will help you improve your golf mechanics. He's a prominent figure in the local golf scene in Dallas, TX. Read more about John on his website John Wagner Golf.


Angela's journey into yoga and fitness started in 2002 when she embarked on the path of wellness. For 16 years, she nurtured YogaSport, a cherished yoga studio in Dallas. In 2020, she created YogaSport On Demand, expanding her reach worldwide. Beyond online teaching, Angela hosts global and local yoga retreats, events, and classes. Read more about Angela at Angela Wagner Yoga.

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