72 - Season Finale

Season #2

We are sad to say that this is the season finale of Spark season #2. But the ladies WILL be back. In this episode, they take a stroll down memory lane and share some of their favorite moments from this season (and even a few throw-backs to season 1). If you haven't listened to all of the episodes, this is a great cheat sheet of episodes to start with. 


  • Episodes 63 & 68 with dietician Taylor Stolt. Nicole especially loved the functional medicine approach to healing. Both ladies were also fascinated that sugar addiction is real and sometimes will power has nothing to do with being able to avoid it. 
  • Episodes 60 & 61 - Detox Your Home - The How & Why. Nicole discusses how these two episodes blew her mind and what changes she has already made. We love the empowerment piece here. Oh, and listen in for a funny story about little people eating toothpaste. 
  • Episode 62 - Stress with Thom Allen - We love all of the discussions around mental health because we are all stressed and anxious these days. 

Throwbacks to Season 1: 

  • Episode 34 - The Vagina Whisperer with Sara Reardon
  • Episode 43 - Simple Families with Denaye Barahona
  • Episode 51 - New Year's Diet and Fitness Resolutions (this is timely!)
  • Episodes 52 & 53 - Clear the Clutter y'all! We are obsessed!

 AWC Goodies: 

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