Women's Weekend Yoga Retreat

Forestburg, TX · Nov 10-12

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Now is the time to create the life you truly want

Yoga education and life coaching for people who want to stop living on default and are ready to create a joyful and purpose-driven life.

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Now is the time to create the life you truly want

Life coaching and yoga education for people who want to stop living on default and are ready to create joyful and purpose-driven life.

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My name is Angela Wagner and I am a certified Yoga Teacher/Trainer and Life Coach. As an entrepreneur and a mom of 2 young kids, I know how insane life can get when you’re trying to juggle everything and do everything for everyone. I know what it feels like to be totally spent at the end of the day, with no time or energy for self-care.

My philosophy and work is rooted in getting back to the foundational basics of health and wellness through the practices of yoga, mindfulness, and simplicity. 

My mission is to help you stop living on default, feeling constantly rushed and exhausted, and start living a life that you truly want - one rooted in self-love, joy, and purpose. 

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🧘🏽‍♀️ Are you interested in training but have fears or doubts?

🧘🏽‍♀️ Are you unsure if you are ready or experienced enough?

🧘🏽‍♀️ Are you wondering how an online program works and which one is right for you?

Grab a cup of ☕️ and join Angela for this fun and informative 15 minute class.

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Spark Society


Angela's signature coaching program, Spark Society, is designed to take you from a life of going through the motions to one filled with purpose and joy. This 3-month 1:1 coaching program will empower you to get back to what matters most and create a life you truly love. Schedule a free Clarity Call with Angela to see if it's the right fit for you.

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Join our amazing online yoga community of real people doing real yoga. We invite you to come as you are. The YogaSport On Demand Community makes it fun to sweat, stretch, and move. Our monthly yoga membership includes live virtual classes over Zoom as well as an on demand library of over 350+ Power Flow, Relax & Renew, and Yogi Cross Train classes. 

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Have you considering taking a yoga teacher training in the past but weren't sure if you had enough experience, confidence, or ability to become a yoga teacher? Join our Unstoppable 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training designed to give you the confidence and knowledge you need to lead a class of yogis. And, become the best version of yourself in the process!

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"This life coaching program is about what Angela is sincerely and singularly gifted at, which is creation - creation of community, spirit, and sparking the individuality in the people she meets. Angela has lifted me, challenged me, and inspired me. She infuses her work with the transformative energy found in the psychology powerhouses of our time (Brene Brown, Esther Perel) while staying intently mindful of the individuals before her. She continuously gives me the gifts of growth and community."


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"I started off my journey by taking Angela's Spark program which set me up on a path to discover what I really wanted out of life. I then took her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training which was also a serious game changer for me. I have three words for you. Work with Angela!"