Pod #71 - Hypnotherapy

podcast stress Jan 01, 2020

Most of us have seen a hypnotist on TV or at a comedy club, but are they just for entertainment purposes? Celeste Hackett is a trained hypnotist who helps her clients dive into their self conscious and navigate challenges like pain, emotional components related to illness, bad habits and more. On this episode, she shares with Angela about the power of hypnosis and how it can make real change in our lives. 

From the Episode:

  • Angela met Celeste while finding a solution to her migraines. She shares how she found Celeste and the impact it made.
  • Celeste shares her fascinating journey from a radio DJ to a hypnotherapist. 
  • You’ve most likely seen a hypnotist portrayed in a show or movie, but is that for real? Celeste helps use through the myths and talks about the truths of hypnosis.
  • Hypnotism is a journey into a person’s subconscious where all their beliefs, habits and memories live. Celeste gives a full overview of her work, including the comforting feeling that...
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Pod #66 - Stress-Free Holidays

podcast stress Nov 20, 2019

The holidays should be a joyful time, but it is easy to fall into a trap of stress and anxiety. Angela and Nicole will be sharing listener comments and posts on how they are able to make the holidays meaningful and memorable without unneeded stress.

From the Episode:

  • Elf on the Shelf – friend or foe?
  • Creating fun family calendars and cards – are they needed in the digital age?
  • Advanced planning can be a key way to reduce stress. Our listeners share great ideas to take the stress off.
  • Everyone has beautiful holiday traditions and rituals and we love that we can share so many with you. You might adopt a new one thanks to this episode.
  • The great debate. Angela and Nicole discuss how much is too much for Christmas music.

AWC Goodies: 

  • Check out Angela’s Guide –  5 Simple Ways to Lower Your Stress Today on her website at www.angelawagner.com. It will give you 5, simple, easy, and actionable steps that will get you feeling more...
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Pod #62 - All Things Stress

podcast stress Oct 23, 2019

All Things Stress with Thom Allen

Do you feel like your life is constantly full of stress? You are not alone. Thom Allen is an expert on stress and this week he is here to share his wisdom. Learn how to identify when stress is a real problem, how being perpetually busy is hurting your health, and simple steps you can take today to ease the anxiety that stress can cause.



From the Episode:

  • Thom Allen has been helping clients with stress for over 20 years. He brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the podcast today.
  • Stress is not the enemy. It is warning us.
  • Don’t reach the brink before you start handling your stress.
  • Ever bragged about how busy you are? Our society rewards those who overdo and live for stress. Thom and Angela chat about finding a balance where you can manage stress so your energy levels are sustainable.
  • Boredom is actually a good thing! It increases creativity.
  • Taking care of your mental health is just as important as your physical...
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Pod #57 - Beating Burnout

podcast stress Apr 04, 2018

Sucky Moment of the Week (4/5) Angela’s family has a major case of the sickies and are having to cancel plans left and right. Inspired Action Take the time to rest. Savor the rare moments where you get to stay in and snuggle.

Major Topic: Recognizing and Avoiding Burnout Angela and Nicole talk about a very real condition called BURNOUT – what causes it, the signs you have it, and how to avoid it.

Keep it Simple: Try This Think of the day as having a “flow” instead of a strict schedule you have to follow at all costs. Find your rhythm in the day and let a little of that hardcore routine go..

Angela SHOUT out to her mom who cancelled plans to take care of Luke while Angela podcasts. Mom Wagner is always taking one for the team.

From the Episode:

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Pod #55 - Overwhelm; Shifting Your Mindset

podcast stress Mar 08, 2018

Brilliant Moment of the Week (5/5) Angela went to a doTERRA summit in Colorado, which left her feeling uplifted and inspired. 

Inspired Action Angela’s takeaways: Follow your intuition, make things happen (even if it’s inconvenient), and surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to be doing.

Major Topic: Overcoming overwhelm Angela and Nicole tackle a word we know too well – OVERWHELM – and introduce strategies for how to identify it, prevent it, and, when you’re in deep, how to get out of it. Plus, they offer fun tips to help you feel inspired, light, and productive.

Try This Track the following in a journal this week: 1.) Anytime you think or say the word “overwhelmed” and what’s happening in that moment. 2.) Brain dump at the end of the day – what you got done, what you didn’t, what stressed you out. 3.) Trigger words (like “busy”) and more empowering replacements...

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Take these 5 simple steps and immediately feel more productive and less stressed. And yes, you really can do them all today!