Pod #71 - Hypnotherapy

podcast stress Jan 01, 2020

Most of us have seen a hypnotist on TV or at a comedy club, but are they just for entertainment purposes? Celeste Hackett is a trained hypnotist who helps her clients dive into their self conscious and navigate challenges like pain, emotional components related to illness, bad habits and more. On this episode, she shares with Angela about the power of hypnosis and how it can make real change in our lives. 

From the Episode:

  • Angela met Celeste while finding a solution to her migraines. She shares how she found Celeste and the impact it made.
  • Celeste shares her fascinating journey from a radio DJ to a hypnotherapist. 
  • You’ve most likely seen a hypnotist portrayed in a show or movie, but is that for real? Celeste helps use through the myths and talks about the truths of hypnosis.
  • Hypnotism is a journey into a person’s subconscious where all their beliefs, habits and memories live. Celeste gives a full overview of her work, including the comforting feeling that when you are hypnotized, you are in control, can make decisions, and can remember everything.
  • Can hypnosis be used for more than just weight loss and quitting smoking? There are countless ways hypnotism can be used to better our lives.
  • High achieving women can benefit from hypnotism. It can be used to help with stress and even procrastination. 
  • Celeste shares her three steps in finding the hypnotist that is right for you.


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