Spark Inspire Your Life

Spark Inspire Your Life

Hosted by: Angela Wagner

Spark - Inspire Your Life Podcast is a mix of happy hour-style venting and results-based coaching. Spark is a judgment-free space where we’ll chat about both the brilliant bits of life as well the bits that are little...


66 - Stress-Free Holidays

Season #1 Episode #9

The holidays should be a joyful time, but it is easy to fall into a trap of stress and anxiety. Angela and Nicole will be sharing listener comments and posts on how they are able to make the holidays meaningful and...
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58: We’re Back . . . Time to Catch You Up

Season #1 Episode #1

Have you ever had to put things aside to take care of YOU? It’s often a healthy thing to take a step back and focus on what is really important. Angela and Nicole catch you up on what they’ve been up to these last few...
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