Spark Inspire Your Life

Spark Inspire Your Life

Hosted by: Angela Wagner

Spark - Inspire Your Life Podcast is a mix of happy hour-style venting and results-based coaching. Spark is a judgment-free space where we’ll chat about both the brilliant bits of life as well the bits that are little...


61: Detox Your Home - The How

Season #2 Episode #4

Last week, we talked about the toxins in our daily lives. We promised to be back with solutions, so we’re back, full of ideas to help you detox your home. This episode is full of great starting points so you can begin...
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60: Detox Your Home - The Why

Season #2 Episode #3

How can we tell what products in our home are safe? What should you look for and where do you even begin? This episode is the beginning of a multi-part series on environmental toxins, and we’ll be helping you take...
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Superwomen - The Mini-Series

Season #2

Are you stuck in a rut with your daily routines, eating habits, and fitness goals? Is your mind constantly racing with your to-do list, a to-do list for your to-do list, anxiety around the future, or any other...
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59: Onward and Upward: The Exciting Future Ahead

Season #2 Episode #2

You’ve heard the phrase “holistic approach” but what does that mean for your life? Our podcast will start focusing on Five Branches that will speak to a better you and we will be sharing common-sense ideas and tools...
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58: We’re Back . . . Time to Catch You Up

Season #1 Episode #1

Have you ever had to put things aside to take care of YOU? It’s often a healthy thing to take a step back and focus on what is really important. Angela and Nicole catch you up on what they’ve been up to these last few...
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57: Beating Burnout

You know that feeling when you’ve reached your limit? Angela and Nicole talk about a very real condition called BURNOUT - what causes it, the signs you have it, and how to avoid it. Visit the Show Notes related to...
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56: How to Hygge; Enjoying Simple Pleasures

Snuggle up in your favorite spot with a warm cup of tea, sit back, and ENJOY. This week we borrow some knowledge from our Danish friends and learn a new word: Hygge. It’s all about making time to enjoy the little...
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55: Overwhelm; Shifting Your Mindset

The ladies tackle a word we know too well… OVERWHELM. *cue foreboding music* Learn strategies for how to identify it, prevent it, and when you’re in deep, how to get out of it. Also, hear tips on how to feel inspired,...
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54: Cianna Stewart; No Complaints

You are now entering the NoCo Zone… Listen in as Cianna Stewart - founder of The No Complaining Project and author of No Complaints: How to Stop Sabotaging Your Own Joy - shares tools that have helped her and...
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53: Clutter Cleanse, Part 2

We can’t get enough of having less! Angela and Nicole dive even deeper into how we can add more joy and freedom to our lives by keeping only what we love and need. Also: specific ideas for how to stop the clutter...
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52: Clutter Cleanse, Part 1

Nicole and Angela take you on a deep dive into one of their favorite obsessions - decluttering - and offer up advice on how to simplify your spaces by getting rid of items that don’t give you joy or purpose. Take the...
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51: Fitness + Diet Resolutions

Hit the post-resolution slump? Fortunately, Angela and Nicole are here to give you a boost on part 2 of New Year’s resolutions. Nicole presents strategies for how to start healthy fitness and diet routines that fit...
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