Pod #39 - Jeanine Donofrio; Love & Lemons

guest podcast Sep 20, 2017

Sucky Moment of the Week (1/5) Jeanine splashed some spicy sauce right in her eye. Ow. Inspired Action Slow down, and take life one thing at a time.

Major Topic: Love & Lemons Jeanine Denofrio’s stunning food blog started as a relaxing after-work hobby. Now, she has a best-selling cookbook of the same name and great advice for anyone looking to pursue a creative project with more fire.

Try This: You know that project you’ve been wanting to start forever… the one that’s been sitting in the back of your mind but you haven’t quite gotten to? Do it. Just sit down, and start. Anywhere.

Angela SHOUT out Local farmers are the best. Take a look around your neighborhood or city to find the farmers markets and other opportunities to shop local. It’s good for your health and for your community!

From the Episode:

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Pod #38 - Sarah Saves $

guest podcast Sep 13, 2017

Sucky Moment of the Week (3/5) This week’s sucky moment could be the plot of a new Judd Apatow movie called “40th Birthday Party”: Scarves burn. Blowout appointments are canceled. It’s frustrating and hilarious. Inspired Action Enjoy the moment! Look around and see what you have to be grateful for, cause we bet it’s a lot.

Major Topic: Spending Fast In an effort to save money for her planned thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018, Sarah is taking on an extreme money-saving method called the Spending Fast.

Try This: Create your “Needs and Wants” list, a list of all the things you could and do spend money on, categorized into “Needs” and “Wants”. Be honest with yourself (a glass of wine at the airport is not a need 😉). Keep a copy of the list with you everywhere you go, and stick to needs-ONLY spending for one week.

Sarah and Cam taking a siesta to hide out from the rain.

Sarah SHOUT out Cameron was the most fun, practical,...

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Pod #37 - Megan Lyons; Nutrition Made Easiest

guest nutrition podcast Sep 06, 2017

Sucky Moment of the Week (1/5) Megan wasn’t a fan on the traffic on her way from Dallas to Austin. Inspired Action Don’t sweat the things you can’t control. It could always be worse.

Major Topic: Nutrition Megan Lyons, health coach and best-selling author, inspires her clients to feel their healthiest and happiness with her simple approach to wellness. This week, she’ll share some of her best tips for healthy eating made easiest.

Try This: Either 1) Eat a veggie pack as your snack, 2) Calculate your water intake and drink that amount for the week, or 3) think about your macronutrient balance and see if you can mix up your usual meals with some fat, protein, and carbohydrate variety. Or be a rock star and do all 3 💪🏼

Megan SHOUT out 100 times over to her clients for staying focused and motivated throughout the summer, when many people tend to lose track of their health.

 From the Episode:

  • On the...
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Pod #34: The Vagina Whisperer

guest podcast Aug 16, 2017

Sucky Moment of the Week (3/5) Sara and her husband woke up to find that their efforts to help their toddler sleep through the night backfired in a majorly crappy way. Inspired Action Even if something seems really bad, try to find the humor in the situation vs getting mad or letting it ruin your day.

Major Topic: Women’s Pelvic Health Sara Reardon is a Pelvic Floor PT and specializes in prenatal and postpartum care for women. Sara debunks some common myths, gives us tips and tricks on how to take care down there, and answers Nicole’s burning questions about what happens when baby E decides to bust out.

Try This (Ladies!): Look at your vagina in the mirror. Ever checked out what’s goin’ on down there? Now you’ll know!

Sara SHOUT out  Sara is able to do all the things she does thanks to her husband’s hard work and help. Keep up the awesome, Neil!

From the Episode:

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Pod #31 - Erica Duran; Luxurious Minimalism

guest podcast Jul 26, 2017

Sucky Moment of the Week (1/5) Erica missed her flight from Hawaii by a whopping 10 hours. Oops! Inspired Action Find ways to remove potential human error from important situations, like using apps to help keep track of time zone changes and flights.

Major Topic: Living with Less Our special guest, Erica Duran, is a former professional organizer, a minimalist, and a freedom-based luxury lifestyle designer. She clues us in on the difference between organizing and decluttering, and shares how living with less doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort and style.

Try This: Seek out and take advantage of opportunities for help. There are tons of business, lifestyle, and other coaches who offer free introductory sessions. You never know what valuable advice you could get from a 10-minute conversation.

Erica SHOUT out In the midst of all the crazy airline scandal drama in the world, Hawaiian Airlines is keeping it real for their customers and fostering “...

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Pod #29 - Renée Adams; Memory

guest podcast Jul 12, 2017

 Sucky Moment of the Week (4/5) Renée let her frustration get the best of her and took it out on a friend. Inspired Action Be thankful for good friends who are compassionate, and look at the broader perspective of how your actions affect others. If you do something you aren’t proud of, own up to it and move on.

Major Topic: Memory Renée shares some of her knowledge on the topic of memory and how we can use simple exercises to shape a more productive mind.

Try This: The snapshot memory exercise. Throughout your day, take detailed snapshots of 3 moments in your mind. At the end of the day, go back through your moments from the most recent back in time through your memory, remembering as much detail as you can. Do this for two more days, each night going back through the memories from the previous days as well as the new snapshots from that day. See Renée’s graphic below, cause we know that gets a little confusing.


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Pod #27 - Kian Hervey; Happier at Work

guest podcast Jun 28, 2017


Sucky Moment of the Week (3/5) Kian is moving in August, and selling furniture online is no walk in the park. Inspired Action Shop smart in the first place, but when moving, take it with you or give it away.

Major Topic: Happier at Work Kian discusses how we can all be happier at work by seeing our job as more than just a job as well as using your work to support your passions. 

Try This: Set a career goal for what you want to have achieved or worked toward 10 years from now.

Kian SHOUT out Kiara, Kian’s twin sister, is moving to California. Big kudos for pursuing your dreams and following what makes you happy!

From the Episode:

  • You can find more resources on professional happiness on the Forty Magazine website and by following along on social media, or email Kian at [email protected] with questions
  • Useful website for anyone looking to donate furniture in the DFW area
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Pod #25 - Allison Foley; Kindness & Friendship

guest podcast Jun 14, 2017

 Sucky Moment of the Week (4/5) Angela was soaked in gasoline on her way to a fancy night out (see pic) Inspired Action Think fast and make it work! #TimGunnMoment

Major Topic: 40 before 40 Allison shares with us about her project to complete 40 acts of kindness before her 40th birthday and shares some ideas about how you can work more kindness into your daily life.


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Pod #21 - Marie Barrese; Happy Mother's Day!

guest podcast May 10, 2017

Sucky Moment of the Week (2/5) Our special guest (and Angela’s mamma!), Marie was disappointed when she got to her health club to find that her Zumba class was cancelled. Inspired Action When the unexpected gets in the way of your plans, make the most of a sucky situation and do the next best thing.

Major Topic: Healthy Eating Marie draws on her 11 of experience as a Weight Watchers leader to share some useful tips and tricks for healthy eating and sticking to your health and nutrition goals.

Try This: Batch your days. Plan out what you need to get done, and group tasks that go together. Use your new batched schedule for the whole week and see if it makes a difference in your time.

Spark SHOUT out To our awesome Moms on this Mother’s Day, and every day. We love you!



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Pod #17 - Dr. Erik Gnagy; Habits

guest podcast Apr 12, 2017

Major Topic: Dr. Erik Gnagy, who specializes in behavioral health and sports performance at the University of Texas at Austin, joins Angela as co-host to talk about how habits are created, why “good” habits can often be difficult to stick to, and how to combat the sometimes-natural inclination toward negativity.

Sucky Moment of the Week (5/5) Erik is dealing with the unique disappointment that can only come from one’s favorite team losing a high-stakes sporting event, in this case the University of Kansas Jayhawks and the NCAA Tournament. Inspired Action We get attached to things and ideas, like sports teams and game outcomes, giving their associated emotions power over us. Detach yourself from the situation, take an objective look at what you’re experiencing and label the emotion. A step back can help you realize that it really is just basketball (or whatever).

Angela SHOUT out To old friends and being able...

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