65: Green & Clean Beauty with Brittany Witkin

Season #2 Episode #8

This week we continue our education on household toxins and speak to Brittany Witkin who is an expert in all things clean beauty. Brittany shares tools from her website and YouTube channel that will transform the way you think about buying cosmetics. Using our philosophy of “baby steps”, this episode provides resources to set you on the path for greener and cleaner beauty.

From the Episode:


  • Brittany Witkin shares with us her story and how she landed in the green and beauty space.
  • If you listened to our 2-part Toxin podcast, you know we LOVE baby steps. The free starter guide on Brittany’s site helps you start going green and clean. Start with the items that cover the most skin and go from there. 
  • Angela has been struggling to find a solid option for mascara. Brittany just posted a video about this very topic. 
  • What is good for you could be horrible for someone else. We are all different women, and so we have totally different bodies. Finding products that work for you is very personalized and does require some work, but once you find what works for you, you’ll be happier and healthier.
  • Teflon?! Yes, it can be in beauty products. Brittany gives an overview of her new four-ingredient video with some toxic ingredients to look out for. 



AWC Goodies: 


  • Check out Angela’s Guide -  5 Simple Ways to Lower Your Stress Today on her website at www.angelawagner.com. It will give you 5, simple, easy, and actionable steps that will get you feeling more energized in one day!








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