Pod #64 - The Art & Skill Of Saying No

life skills podcast Nov 06, 2019

The Art & Skill Of Saying No

Just say No. When it comes to managing our time, “no” is often the word we (especially women) don’t say enough. Nicole is back with Angela to talk about how to prioritize your schedule, focus on major goals, and learn when and how to say the two-letter word. The ladies will guide you through the true art and skill of saying “no”, with practical ways to using that one word to create a more purpose-driven life.

From the Episode:

  • Nicole gives us an update on her new real estate adventure.
  • Sucky Moment of Week: Throwback to Season One! Angela shares her 4.5 with an inspired action that involves following your nose.
  • When you say no, you have to say it and mean it. This is an empowering space of honesty and honoring the other person. 
  • Setting boundaries can create a comfortable and genuine connection with someone else. Boundaries are a healthy part of relationship building.
  • You don’t always have to respond...
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