69 - Is Your Shampoo Making You Fat? with Lara Adler

Lara Adler is an Environmental Toxins Expert, and Angela’s teacher.  The ladies discuss a class of chemicals called obesegens that are in your daily products (and yes, they make you fat). They take a deeper dive into specifics on some of the chemicals in your home as well as government laws and the importance of consumer education and action. 


From the Episode:

  • We highly recommend you check out our two-part Detoxing your Home Series (episodes 60 &61) before listening to this episode. The series gives you a great foundation that is important to have moving into Lara and Angela’s talk. 
  • There are over 20 chemicals that are known obesogens. Learn about how they could be causing weight gain. 
  • Where do I even begin? True to our mantra, we want you to start by pressing the easy button. We give you key areas to start with that involve your sense of smell and taste.
  • Organic. Yes, you need to start focusing on it. Lara gives you the reasons why, including some you probably have never thought of.
  • The decisions Moms make with food while their baby is in utero has a profound impact on how their cells and body develops.
  • Be curious. Regulations and testings are often not up to snuff, even those done by the government. We talk about what to trust and how doing your own research can impact you and often, countless others.
  • The EU has a track record of regulating but not banning. Lara talks about their approach and how it makes a huge difference in their countries.


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