70 - Women’s Empowerment with Shelley Lowther

Shelley Lowther, owner of Dancing Dogs Yoga and This Badass Life, discusses how to step into your power as a woman, and some of the tools might be different than you might expect. Her no-BS approach to life will inspire you to make small changes. She joins Angela on this episode to discuss finding your authentic self and how seeing the magic around you can empower your daily life.  

From the Episode:

  • Shelley starts our episode by sharing her powerful story of rediscovering yoga after a serious injury that threatened to totally change her daily life.
  • Being open to different spiritual traditions can lead to great personal discovery. Shelley speaks towards throwing away labels to find your authentic self while learning from others.
  • The lie. Angela and Shelley dig deep about a powerful practice that can change your way of thinking about yourself and your place in the world.
  • Are you always finding yourself distracted? In a world of technological advancement, there are plenty of ways to lose focus. We talk through the importance of finding time to listen to your greater authentic self.
  • The Four Agreements. Learn how this powerful book is a must for your development and why we dedicated a two-part series to it last season.
  • Shelley talks about her work in Warrior Goddess Training and how you can learn practices to work yourself out of your rut. 
  • We end with a fun practice from Shelley that will remind you that “it’s never about you”.


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