Pod #59 - The Future of The Spark Podcast

podcast Sep 30, 2019

Onward and Upward: The Exciting Future Ahead

You’ve heard the phrase “holistic approach” but what does that mean for your life? Our podcast will start focusing on Five Branches that will speak to a better you and we will be sharing common sense ideas and tools for you to get the most out of each branch.



From the Episode:

  • The podcast will focus on a holistic approach, helping women who have weeks full of work, motherhood, and just life. There will be practical, real life ways to improve and enhance overall health.
  • Moving forward, our podcast will focus on Five Branches: Simplicity. Groundwork. Life Design. Detox. Mind, Body, Soul.
  • Plus special content: great free add ons including videos on Youtube, live sessions and even some yoga tips.

What would you like to hear? We are all ears! Email us at [email protected] with your awesome thoughts.

AWC Goodies: 

  • Check out Angela’s Guide –  5 Simple Ways to Lower Your Stress Today on her website at www.angelawagner.com. It will give you 5, simple, easy, and actionable steps that will get you feeling more energized in one day!
  • Download one of Angela’s 60 min Power Flow Yoga classes for FREE at www.angelawagner.com/yoga

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