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Yoga & Mindfulness Bundle

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Save 54% OFF a bundle of 3 on demand courses that will help you move your body to relieve stress and tension, calm your monkey mind so that you can focus and sleep better, and get your pre-2020 mojo back so that you can enjoy life again…



a gift that your special someone actually needs AND wants! Stop giving gifts that will end up in the donation pile next year and give a gift that will help create positive change in someone’s life (and of course you can buy this for yourself because you are someone special too!). 

Give the gifts of sanity, energy, and calm. The Sanity Saver bundle is an incredible trio of programs designed to help

  • MOVE YOUR BODY with Couch to 60 - say goodbye to the painful desk hunch and body aches and hello to feeling strong, mobile, and pain-free again.
  • CALM YOUR MIND with Monkey Mind Mastery -  say goodbye to feeling scattered and frazzled and hello to being focused, clear, and confident.

  • CREATE YOUR HAPPY with Survive to Thrive - say goodbye to feeling meh about life and hello to feeling joyful, present, and excited again.

Life is too short to be exhausted and stressed all of the time...


Are you and your loved ones ready to take back control of your health but need some motivation to start?

Maybe y'all were rockin’ life and then...

2020 happened. 🙉

The couch, chips, wine, and candy became your besties to help you through it all. 

After a few months, you wanted to get back to a “normal” life where you woke up feeling great and ready for your day. But you just didn’t seem to have the motivation to do it. And after the months passed you by, it became more and more challenging to make the change.

I know you want to feel stronger, lighter and happier

And you know (or have heard that) yoga and mindfulness will help you get there.

But as time passes,
it gets more and more challenging to start. And easier to numb out by staying on the couch and having just one more class of 🍷 and watching one more show on Hulu 📺.

I know that you have probably tried to get healthy and reduce your stress these past 18 months

How many times have you...

👉🏼 scrolled through free YouTube videos of fitness and yoga feeling completely disconnected, uninspired and crazy-confused wondering if you are doing it right or making things worse? 

👉🏼 joined a gym or studio but couldn't make the class schedule fit your schedule?

👉🏼  thought about or even tried meditation or a mindfulness exercise only to find yourself checking your phone 2 minutes in?

Maybe you wasted time searching for awesome free classes that don't exist. Maybe you wasted money on programs that simply weren’t a fit for you or your life. Or maybe you simply wasted so much mental energy thinking about making these changes but nothing ever happened. 

All of that time and energy wasted and you are back where you started. 😔 


I have been there. The pandemic quite literally rocked my world. Overnight, I was a homeschool mom to a 4 and 6 year old, shuttered my 16 year brick and mortar yoga studio, and simply tried to keep everyone alive on most days.

And since 2020, I have worked with hundreds of clients who are feeling the same way. 

BUT, today, I feel energized, renewed, and excited about life. How did that happen? Over the past 20 years of practicing and teaching yoga and coaching work, I was able to use my tools and knowledge to get back on track.

And I want the same for you and your loved ones. 

That is why I created The Sanity Saver

There are 3 main components to getting you and your loved ones feeling GOOD again.

Physical Movement (aka yoga in our world) - we need to move our bodies in order to feel energized, sleep better, and feel free. The Couch to 60 program will slowly get you on (or back on) your yoga mat. If you are brand new to the practice, you will feel safe and supported as we guide you through this step-by-step program. If you were a yogi in a life prior to 2020, the program will allow you to slowly reintegrate back into healthy movement so that you feel successful right away! 

Brain Training - our brains need to be worked out too. Being focused, calm, and clear doesn’t come naturally in our crazy world. Monkey Mind Mastery will teach you four different mindfulness exercises that will help you focus, get clarity, and ease your stress. We will teach you simple and effective ways to use meditation, concentration, visualization, and memory exercises to be able to relax and get rid of that brain fog so that you can do your work, feel less anxious, and truly be able to enjoy the small (and big) moments in life.

Mindset/Life Work - The past 18 months have thrown our nervous systems into a tizzy and most of us are caught up in a constant stress response. The Survive to Thrive workshop will help you identify when you are in a stress response (survival mode) and give you actionable tools that you can use to get out of it. My clients absolutely loved this workshop and it helped them shift their perspectives and mindsets in order to feel better immediately.


The Sanity Saver is the perfect gift for you (or someone you ❤️) to create a whole YOU again

P.S. Your friends and family do not need more candles, wine, or cookies for the holidays. 🤣 They need support in feeling better again.


The Sanity Saver Includes:

❶ Couch to 60

For beginner yogis or those with dusty yoga mats. In 4-weeks, you will confidently complete a 60-minute Power Flow Yoga practice - in the comfort of your own home and without having to stress drive in traffic or be in an intimidating room filled with bendy gumbies wearing $100 yoga pants. We make it accessible, fear-free, and downright fun to learn Power Flow Yoga.

How? The program has a step-by-step approach. Weekly workshop-style fundamentals videos will make sure you know exactly what to do and how to do it. No more wondering how to actually do a yoga posture. In addition, your weekly flow practice will gradually increase the time you practice each week so that you feel successful each step of the way. By the end of the 4-weeks, you will feel confident rockin’ your practice!

"I had never stuck with any exercise before. The program was fun and approachable. Years after taking this program, I still have a regular practice." - Sarah

❷ Monkey Mind Mastery

For any human living post-2020. Quiet your busy mind, learn how to stay focused and present in all areas of your life, and get better sleep without having to retreat to a mountaintop. Monkey Mind Mastery is a 4-week course that will take you from feeling anxious and stressed to calm and in control. 

We teach you simple versions of four mindfulness exercises: concentration, meditation, memory, and visualization that will help you sleep better, stay focused, and remember stuff! Our approach is accessible to everyone, even if you have never done any kind of mindfulness exercise before. 

With less than 15 minutes of practice per day, you can transform from feeling unfocused, foggy, frazzled and loopy to present, clear, calm, and in control. 

“I used to struggle with meditation and thought that I couldn’t do it. I really enjoyed learning all four different types of mindfulness exercises and I finally feel more calm (and successful)!” - Jeri

❸ Survive To Thrive

Get your pre-2020 mojo back by learning simple ways to get out of stress mode and into a more calm and positive mindset - without having to spend hours reading self help books. 

In less than two hours, and at your own pace, we will give you easy and actionable tools to help you reduce stress in your daily life starting IMMEDIATELY.  Angela and Shea Thielemann, a LPC licensed therapist specializing in grief and trauma, will leave you with tools to help you live your life to the fullest vs just getting through it.

You will walk away with tools to help you identify when you are in survival mode (stress response), simple exercises to immediately release that tension, techniques and practices that will help you shift from a negative to positive mindset, and small, achievable steps to get your health and happiness back on track so that you can recreate a life you love.

“Thank you for an amazing workshop. I loved the part about retraining the brain and how it's so critical to changing how we handle everyday difficult situations - especially when we are so fatigued by life right now.” - Amit

The Sanity Saver is Designed to...


so that you feel clear headed, energized, and ready for life.


so that you can move through your day with more joy and ease. 


so that you feel less edgy and more calm throughout your day.




Couch to 60 - $99

Monkey Mind - $69

Survive to Thrive - $49

 All 3 = $217

Holiday Zen Sale Price - 54% OFF

Pay just $99 for all 3!!



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