Pod #56 - How to Hygge; Enjoying Simple Pleasures

podcast simplify Mar 21, 2018

Sucky Moment of the Week (2/5) Nicole’s pleasant stroll with Fiona and the doggies took a messy turn when baby and dog body fluids happened ALL at once in full view of the neighbor. Inspired Action Remind yourself: It’s really not that bad.

Major Topic: Making Time For Simple Pleasures This week we borrow some knowledge from our Danish friends and learn a new word: Hygge. It’s all about making time to enjoy the little things that bring us joy.

Try This Shut off all the lights and eat dinner by candlelight one day this week.

Nicole SHOUT out to her new neighbor, Frida, who baked banana bread and brought it over. Small town hospitality reminds us to slow down and enjoy the little things.

From the Episode:


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