Pod #54 - Cianna Stewart; No Complaints

guest podcast Feb 21, 2018

Sucky Moment of the Week (5/5) As a self-published first-time author, Cianna accidentally made decisions that resulted in her book release date being delayed. She felt frustrated, angry with herself, and completely in over her head.  

Inspired Action Cianna realized that her drive to achieve was pushing her to do too many things at once. She eased up on herself and learned that in the future she needs to slow down and ask others for help.

Major Topic: Moving from complaining into problem-solving  Cianna Stewart – founder of The No Complaining Project and author of No Complaints: How to Stop Sabotaging Your Own Joy – has been studying the impact and mechanics of complaining for over a decade. In this episode, she shares tools that have helped her and countless others move from a place of complaining and victimization into personal power, productivity, gratitude, and mindfulness.

Try This: Next time you catch yourself complaining, think about the person you’re talking with and imagine how they’re perceiving the conversation. Are they having a good time? Is this conversation bringing you closer? If the answer is likely “No”, try shifting the conversation into a topic that involves the other person’s passions.

Cianna SHOUT out to her Instant Pot for helping her save time AND eat healthy. Best of all, it turns itself off and is explosion-proof. Secondary shout-out to the fabulous Instant Pot Customer Service Team who were immediately ON IT and saved the day when Cianna’s Instant Pot stopped working.  

From the Episode:


Take these 5 simple steps and immediately feel more productive and less stressed. And yes, you really can do them all today!