Pod #50 - Nicole is Back!; How to Kick Booty in 2018

podcast Jan 24, 2018

Brilliant Moment of the Week (5/5) Fiona (formerly known as Baby E) made her grand entrance into the world DURING the solar eclipse. To honor that, Nicole gave her the middle name Soleil, which means “sun” in French. Inspired Action Take the time to honor and celebrate each and every moment, big and small.

Major Topic: New Year’s Resolutions Angela and Nicole challenge the unrealistic expectations and fears that often go with resolutions. Angela provides two new approaches to New Years goal-setting: the Un-Resolution, and Choose One Word.

Try This: Create an Un-Resolution and One Word for 2018 – write each of them down and display them

Nicole SHOUT out to all the Labor & Delivery Nurses on the planet for helping people through terrifying experiences every day. You are an inspired and selfless group of people.

From the Episode


Take these 5 simple steps and immediately feel more productive and less stressed. And yes, you really can do them all today!