How to go from feeling burned out and exhausted to energized and living life with purpose and joy again - without adding a million more things to your to-do list.

Starts January 3rd


Because of the pandemic, people are languishing.


Languish: apathy, a sense of restlessness or feeling unsettled or an overall lack of interest in life or the things that typically bring you joy.

If this is you, keep reading...


The honest reality is that...


we all have been living in survival mode, asked to do the impossible - juggle WFH jobs, take care of family, cancel all fun things, keep everyone safe - and your body and mind are feeling the weight of it all. It’s been far too long since you have spent time and energy taking care of your own needs much less your wants and joys. You deserve to feel really great again - everyday. 

The past 18 months have been heavy and isolating and our health and happiness is suffering because of it.

As a mom of little kids, business owner, and women-who-does-all-the-things, I have experienced this first hand and know exactly how you feel. For well over a year, I supported my kids through virtual and homeschool work, shuttered a 16-year old business due to C-19, and spent every waking moment attending to everyone else’s safety and needs. 

I was on edge, exhausted, and overwhelmed with even the simplest of tasks. 


I know that you have been trying to take care of yourself and it probably looks something like this...

You promise yourself that today is the day that you will get out of your funk and finally...

  • go to bed earlier
  • stop doom-scrolling through social media and the news
  • get back on your yoga mat and move your body
  • eat foods that nourish you vs feed your stress-levels 
  • Take time for things that bring you joy

Yet something keeps stopping you.  And you wake up the next day feeling frustrated, exhausted, and like you are in a bad version of Groundhog's Day.

So why isn't it working??

You are...

  • trying to do it all alone - with no guidance or support - and after being isolated for far too long.
  • working with an old play book. Your pre-pandemic health and wellness routine most likely doesn't work with your current mental and physical state and you need help figuring out how and what to change.
  • stuck in a pattern and need support, guidance and a community to get you out of it. We all do. 


I'm the creator of Unstuck. 

I am a life coach, yoga teacher/trainer, former yoga studio owner, wife, and momma of two littles. I have been working in the health and wellness space for over 20 years and my passion is to teach others how to live a more fun and joyful life.

Since I have been doing yoga and mindfulness for most of my adult life, I figured I would be fine during the pandemic...

Well, that surely wasn't the case... While my trusty old yoga and life tools did help me, I knew that I needed to address my needs in a new way.

My mental and physical state had shifted dramatically and my normal routine wasn't quite cutting it anymore...  

That is why I created UNSTUCK


a simple, effective, and fun program designed to get you back on track, connected to a community of amazing people, and feeling like yourself again. 



In addition to the work that I have been doing and teaching for years, I will teach you new tools that have literally changed my life and pulled me out of the depths of my pandemic fog. And trust me, these tools work because I was in rare form (see above!). 

Together we will work on radical self care, and not just take a bath kinda stuff, but more meaningful (yet simple) care that makes you feel less stressed, more calm, and feel more joy. Remember joy?! We will find it again! 

This program is for you if you feel...

  • stuck in your everyday life - that feeling where you can’t quite access the fun, joy, and purpose like you once did
  • isolated and disconnected 
  • every task on your to-do list takes more motivation and decision making skills than you have
  • you are putting everyone’s needs before your own 
  • you haven’t had something to look forward to in a long time
  • weighed down, exhausted and edgy
  • it’s time to make some changes, but you don’t know quite how to start


waking up and feeling excited about your day.  Simple tasks like running errands, doing laundry, and getting ready for work feel easy.  Moving your body, eating healthy food and spending time on your well-being are not dreaded tasks on your to-do list but rather things that you look forward to and enjoy. You are reconnecting to hobbies, people, and things that you love. 


Life feels hopeful again.

This program is designed to...


so that you can move through your day with more joy and ease. 


so that you feel clear headed, energized, and ready for your days.


so that you feel confident in your decisions, big and small.


so that you can reduce your mental load and enjoy your daily life again.


so that you detox and feel lighter in your physical body.


so that you feel less edgy and more calm throughout your day.

Over the course of two months, we will have enough time to learn, explore, and create permanent change. Unlike many short programs, you will have plenty of time to process the material, try on different tools and approaches, and figure out what works for you. 


  • Bite sized, actionable steps so that you feel successful instead of overwhelmed because you have a million new self care items on your to-do list

  • A judgment-free online community of people striving to also get out of the funk. On the live weekly calls, you will have a chance to share, be coached, or simply listen to others so you can learn from one another and not feel alone. The community provides so much loving support to help meet you where you are at and take the next best steps for you.

  • Weekly themed practices and life tools that will help you stay focused on one thing instead of trying to do all the things at once.
  • Weekly content, motivation, and practices delivered through my online portal and accessible with any mobile device. Just a few of these practices include...
    • Yoga practices to reduce tension and pain 
    • A modern take on breathing exercises. Coffee, water, and whiskey breathing lessons to get you out of autopilot mode and feeling energized, balanced, and full of life
    • Mindfulness exercises including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help you drastically reduce the feelings of anxiety and daily stress
    • Additional stress-less tools that are a surprise but they are designed to help you get unstuck and feel better everyday!

  • Weekly connection, community, and coaching calls live with me (optional and recorded). These calls are a safe space to ask questions, listen to others, and share. This is where true magic and change happens!

This program is NOT for you if...

  • You want a magic pill that will make you magically unstuck 
  • You are not open minded and willing to try some new things 
  • You don’t really want to make a change in your life


Join Renee Bergman, a Functional Diagnostic Practitioner, from Megaphone Functional Health to learn how knowing your Enneagram number can help you drastically reduce stress and improve your health. 

The Enneagram is like an internal GPS that helps you understand why you think, feel, and behave in particular ways. 
This internal GPS assists you in knowing your current location (your main Enneagram Type) and your Type’s healthiest destination, living in alignment with who you want to be and HOW you long to heal.

In this workshop, we will go over the basics of each number and some great paths for you to seek in your own personal healing journey!


Angela has been featured in... 

What Other's Are Saying About Angela & Her Programs...

Peri Perkins

Scurry, TX

“Angela gave me the tools to assess my life and compare that with where I want to be. I was able to create a realistic, attainable plan for my life that I can be excited about, and stop living in my old excuses… I am still an active mom and grandmother, but now I take care of myself too."

Novato, CA

“You have truly helped me get to know myself better. Thank you for helping me learn what my heart, mind, soul are saying, feeling, wanting, and needing right now.”

Sarasota, FL

“Angela is an inspiring, thoughtful and brilliant coach.  She showed me that I can tackle anything that comes my way by breaking it down into small manageable steps – It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, small steps make a difference.”



Regain your purpose, uncover your joy, and feel great in your body and mind again!

You have two choices. 


You can join this powerful program and start making positive changes to your life TODAY…


you can stay where you are and wonder - what if?


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