Jumpstart can show you how. 


I know that although the holidays can be a joyful time, you are often left with a holiday hangover. A feeling of being weighed down from all of the excess of the season - tons of food, drinks, and stuff. As the calendar flips to January, you are expected to feel great, set big goals, and instantly flip the switch to productivity and positivity. Because, well, it’s a new year!

But you are feeling...

😴 Exhausted from all of the holiday gatherings, events, and parties

😩 Stressed from being surrounded by so much clutter 

😒 Heavy and bloated from indulging in all of the cookies, holiday dinners, and beverages (oh, all of the 🍷🍸🍻 😱)

Let’s face it. It’s hard to go from celebrating and letting all (or most) of your healthy habits go, to feeling energized, fit, and ready to take on the new year. 

In my experience, a few things could be happening right now.

Maybe you are...

Wanting to “start 2022 off right” but have no earthly idea what that even looks like for you

➨ Embarrassed because you don’t fit in your jeans anymore

➨ Nervous to go into a gym/studio and work out with all of the fitness buffs

➨ Afraid you will lack the consistency needed to get yourself back to feeling lighter and cleaner in your body and mind

But most of all…

You have probably tried to get rid of your holiday hangover before.


You signed up for a hard core fitness program because it promised to whip you back into shape and get you back into your skinny jeans. You got up at 5am in order to suffer through boot camp-like workouts that left you feeling fatigued and sore. You wondered, when will I feel good and get energy again? You were told to keep pushing because if you kept pushing harder and continued the grueling workouts, you would see results.

A few weeks in, you quit. You blamed yourself because you didn’t have the discipline to “stick with it” and do what it takes to be a fit and healthy person. You felt tired, sore, and defeated.


All of that time, energy, and money went down the toilet.

You not only had no results to show for it, but you felt like a failure.


I have personally been there. And I have seen thousands of my students go through this exact experience.


Little known fact:
I actually started my fitness career as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, over 20 years ago. Every January, an influx of eager and well-intentioned clients would knock on my door and show up to my classes. By February, I was always saddened to see that most had given up.  

Here are things that set you up to fail...

  • Having an “All Or Nothing” Attitude - This is where you decide that you will go FULL ON or you will do nothing.  When you have this mindset and you get even the slightest bit off track, you will give up entirely. This is probably the most common reason I see people stop their progress.

  • Having No Real Plan - without a structured plan that is literally on your calendar, it’s almost impossible to be successful. If it’s not on the calendar, it’s not real. 

  • Having No Back Up Plan - Life happens. The kids get sick, you unexpectedly have to take your car in for a repair, or your boss calls you in for an unexpected meeting, again. You need a back up plan for when life decides to derail you from your plan.

  • Attending Classes/Workouts That Push You Too Far - So many workouts ask people to do dangerous movements with heavy weights, move way too quickly, and quite frankly, damage their bodies - all in the name of “fitness.”  You do not have to feel miserable and push through pain in order to be fit and healthy. In fact,  doing so will not only make you quit, but eventually will injure you and add to your stress levels. I have seen it a million times. 

  • Having No Mindset Component - You can have the best intentions but if you aren’t working on your mind daily, you will just be going through the motions and eventually give up.

  • Having No Support - Making big changes by yourself is not only more challenging and lonely, it also makes it really hard for you to succeed. Having people to support you, hold you accountable, and cheer you on is key. 


I'm the creator of Jumpstart.

Over the past 20 years, I have seen thousands of students struggle to stay committed to their health and wellness. That is exactly why I absolutely love to create detailed, fun programs that keep people motivated, committed, and loving movement again.

I used to pound weights at the gym and attend insanely challenging bootcamp, cycle, and fitness classes. I was constantly exhausted, sore, and unmotivated. Every workout felt like I was forcing myself to just get through it so that I could check my fitness/health box β˜‘οΈ.



I was always a pretty stressed and anxious person and heard that yoga could help me. I stepped into my first class scared that I would be forced into pretzel-like positions or that I would be bored to tears just stretching for an hour. 

To my surprise, the practice gave me the strong physical workout that I craved but also allowed my mind and body to relax and release tension.  The movements were accessible, even to my tight and inflexible body, yet they challenged me. I could literally feel my tension and stress dissipate as I worked through the breathing exercises.

I left class sweaty, smiling, and energized.

That was in 2002. Now that it's (almost) 2022, I still cannot live without The Power Flow practice.  It brings me joy, helps me find peace, and keeps me fit and feeling alive

I want all of that for you. And that is why I created Jumpstart.


Colorado Springs, CO

"Jumpstart was perfectly timed to motivate and encourage me to start my yoga and meditation practices back up when I needed it most! Being able to have a community of yogis supporting each other made it feel like the old days of in studio challenges! I appreciated that even if I couldn't make the live class, I could catch up later. It was the push I needed to reconnect with my mat."


Dallas, TX

"Last year's Jumpstart was a great way to reboot myself at my job. It gave me a way to let go of nagging thoughts and situations that I couldn't control. My nagging thoughts haven't totally gone away but I see a big difference with how I look at things and how I react differently than I used to."

Once you complete Jumpstart, you will feel


Alleviate the aches and pains from being on screens and sedentary all... day....long. Feel strong in your body and regain the kind of energy that makes you want to cancel Netflix and live your life to the fullest!


Connect with yogi friends and become part of an incredible community of humans working to better themselves. Practicing live on Zoom with others will encourage you to crush your goals, and it will make you happier.


Your yoga practice will help you detox the extra 🍝🍰🍷 and your mindfulness practice will help you clear some of the holiday madness from your brain. You will be sleeping better and feeling lighter in no time.


  • having a physical movement practice that you actually enjoy 
  • waking up pain-free and totally pumped to start your day
  • being surrounded by people who motivate and inspire you to meet your goals

If you are willing to show up, we are ready to support you along the way.


...that in order to get in shape and start the new year off right, you have to...

Suffer through painful workouts

Go on a ridiculously restrictive diet

Spend thousands of πŸ’Έ on a trainer


All you need is a detailed, customizable plan, awesome Power Flow classes taught by teachers who masterfully teach to all levels, and a supportive and inspiring community of people to do it with.

After completing the Jumpstart 2022 challenge, you will have the tools to maintain a regular practice that will help you stress less, sleep better, and simply feel better everyday, regardless of how busy and crazy life gets.


You will have a consistent home yoga practice

that you actually look forward to and can fit into your schedule, regardless of what's happening in your life. You will enjoy movement that makes you feel strong, calm, and excited for your days again.


You won't waste your ⏰ or πŸ’΅ doing miserable workouts

You will never again have to force yourself to do grueling workouts or hire an expensive personal trainer in order to feel healthy and stay on track. You will have an affordable, and dare we say flexible πŸ˜‰, practice that feels damn good.


You will have an inspiring community

of knowledgable and caring instructors to guide you safely through an empowering practice - regardless of your experience level. Oh, and the YogaSport community of practitioners will be there with pompoms cheering you on!


Jumpstart is a 4-week live and on-demand yoga challenge that will give you what you actually need to succeed in order to start (or re-start) a regular Power Flow yoga practice. Get ready to feel physically and mentally lighter and stronger.

It includes 5 live classes per week,  breath work, additional on demand practices, and more (see below for all of the juicy details). The content will only be available during the 4-week program so that you will be motivated to start and stay committed throughout the program. 




A Customizable Plan

We know that everyone has different goals so you get to choose your commitment level. This allows you the flexibility to challenge yourself in a way that feels good for you - and we will support you every step of the way. We suggest choosing between 2-5 practices per week and schedule 1-2 additional practices as your back-up plan (cause life happens!)

Printable Tracker Charts

Our weekly downloadable PDFs detail out exactly which practices and lessons to do each day, depending on your goal. Having this visual chart is an incredibly fun and satisfying way to track and celebrate your progress. We highly suggest getting stickers to make it even more fun. πŸŽ‰

Breathing Exercises

These simple and short exercises will help you manage stress, boost digestion, improve sleep, balance mood and increase mental focus. Because we know that meditation is frustrating for many of our students, this year we are changing our mindfulness component to daily breath work! As a Certified Breath Coach, Angela will teach you simple and effective breathing exercises that you will actually look forward to doing (vs dreading). 

VIP Online Community

You’ll have access to our private member’s community, led by Angela and her team. This exclusive and intimate group allows you to collaborate with other Jumpstarters and get support from the community and teachers. Having a community at your fingertips will help you stay motivated and excited to complete your challenge! 

On Demand Recordings

All live classes will be recorded and uploaded into the Jumpstart hub so that if you can’t make it live, you can practice whenever you want. This gives you the flexibility to get your practice in whenever it fits your schedule. Practicing regularly on demand will also help you build a solid at-home practice that you can count on, no matter how busy life gets. 

Live Classes

Join us for live Zoom classes 5 times/week. The live classes will inspire and motivate you to crush your challenge goals. Our teachers will guide and support you in real time so that you know you are having a safe and effective practice.

This year’s class formats include:

🧘🏽‍♀️ Power Flow classes to increase your strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health without having to pound heavy weights or contort your body into circus-like positions. 

🧘🏽‍♀️ Deep Stretch to get you deeper into your muscles so that you can alleviate those aches and pains and feel more free in your body. 

🧘🏽‍♀️ Power Down classes so that you can have the best of both worlds. Our Power Down classes are ½ Power Flow and ½ Deep Stretch which is (in our humble opinion) the best of all yoga worlds!

🧘🏽‍♀️ Yoga Barre classes so that you can add fun and different movements to your routine. Yoga Barre combines Power Flow Yoga,  Pilates, ballet, and classic muscle conditioning moves. 


($99 value)

Saturday, January 15th @ 11am CT

In this workshop you will...

  • Choose a one word vision that will help guide you through your decisions in 2022.

  • Identify and begin to let go of the negative thoughts and energy surrounding all things 2021 (and 2020, let's be honest 🀣) so that you have space to create new and healthy habits that serve you.

  • Set goals that feel good so that you can start the year off with a clear plan and purpose and build life-long habits.

  • Create a vision board filled with words and images so that you have a beautiful visual to inspire and guide you throughout the year.

  • Connect with an incredible community of people who are also working towards up-leveling themselves and their lives.

Jumpstarters had an absolute blast in Elevate last year and we hope you will join us again this year. The recording will be available if you cannot attend live or prefer to do it on your own schedule.


New York, NY

"Jumpstart was a great way to start off the new year; the best part for me was the number of live classes each week at various times that enabled me to start the year by establishing a routine of frequent yoga practice with an added element of fun!"


Plano, TX

"I loved being part of the Jumpstart 2021 Community. It inspired me to be thoughtful and intentional about goal setting and making small yet impactful positive changes. I cannot stress enough what a positive, safe, and encouraging community the instructors built for the whole class. It set the pace and tone for my year and I'm looking forward to joining again in 2022."





  • 4-week, customizable plan
  • Printable sticker chart
  • 20 live classes
  • Private community group
  • Weekly breathing lessons
  • Bonus on demand Music Flow practices
  • Exclusive content available until 2/25




  • Just $50 (75% OFF!)
  • 4-week, customizable plan
  • Printable sticker chart
  • 20 live classes
  • Private community group
  • Weekly breathing lessons
  • Bonus on demand Music Flow practices
  • Exclusive content available until 2/25

What people are saying about Angela and her community...




January is the perfect time to reset and recommit to yourself and your well-being.


Registration Closes Soon - Challenge Starts January 15th


Commit to yourself today and feel the amazing new life you will create for your future self. 

You deserve it.





🧘‍♀️ Superpower: INSPIRATION
Angela will empower you to be a better yogi, both on and off the mat. 


🧘‍♀️ Superpower: STORY TELLING
Monika will take you on a visual journey and keep you wanting more.


🧘‍♀️ Superpower: TRUTH WITH πŸ’š
Joleen will help you get the absolute most out of your individual practice.


🧘‍♀️ Superpower: FUN & FITNESS
Kelly will work you out, make you sweat, and you will have fun doing it. 


🧘‍♀️ Superpower: JEDI MIND TRICKS
Renee will teach you to put your 🧠 where your body is, on and off the mat.


🧘🏽‍♂️ Superpower: ANATOMY & SHENANIGANS
Chris will use his expert knowledge to get you deep into your practice, all while making you laugh along the way.


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